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News From the Farm – July 18

  The battle with the weeds has begun in earnest. Up till now, I felt like I was keeping up with the weeds pretty well, but this warm weather after a nice long rain will test my weeding skills. As a nice surprise this week, we have some beautiful kohlrabi. I had planted some  earlier …

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New From the Farm – July 13

Greetings from your local Greenwood Growers! The dandy picture below is of a head lettuce called Merlot. It is such a beautiful shade of red that it almost seems more like a flower than a lettuce. One cannot complain about the weather this summer: cool, breezy, and best of all, no mosquitos so far.  Of …

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News from the farm – July 5th

It was a pretty exciting day for at least 2 of my (Jake’s) children as they came worked with me and did a tremendous job helping to wash and pack a LOT of green onions (about 1000) and plenty of beets. The job took about 3 hours and they trooped through in the heat, and …

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My favorite Time of Year: Cut Flowers

By far, my favorite time of year is when the flowers start blooming.  These are from our cut flower garden. And these are from the edge of the pond.  

This is our first blog entry.

And behold, it was good.