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News from the Farm – August 11

Good morning everyone! Where has the summer gone? We are already in the middle of August. In Greenwood, as far as my research suggests, the first fall frost date is around September 15th (Maybe those of you who have lived here longer can verify that). That is exactly 5 weeks away. I am not sure …

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News From the Farm – August 1

The last of the peas! (sniff…sniff) until fall…maybe. Tomatoes are right around the corner. I picked about 5 pounds today and with the hot weather I am expecting them to ripen quickly. Our first planting of sweet corn, although barely 5 feet tall has survived deer damage mostly intact and is tasseling with some nice …

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News From the Farm – July 28

Cuke season is here! Interested in making pickles? We have the cucumbers and the dill. What is the difference between a pickling cucumber and a regular cucumber? Pickling cucumbers are generally thinner skinned, smaller, and retain a crunchy texture when brined. They are also many times picked at a very young stage. However, I have …

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Culinary herbs for seasoning and teas in Central Wisconsin

Besides the typical produce farm fare, we also have available various herbs and spices.   We will pick it for you on the spot, which means you’ll be getting the absolutely freshest possible ingredients for your salsa or tea. So, ready to go right now (7/22/2022) would be oregano, sage, cilantro, dill, and basil. If you …

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News From the Farm – July 18

  The battle with the weeds has begun in earnest. Up till now, I felt like I was keeping up with the weeds pretty well, but this warm weather after a nice long rain will test my weeding skills. As a nice surprise this week, we have some beautiful kohlrabi. I had planted some  earlier …

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New From the Farm – July 13

Greetings from your local Greenwood Growers! The dandy picture below is of a head lettuce called Merlot. It is such a beautiful shade of red that it almost seems more like a flower than a lettuce. One cannot complain about the weather this summer: cool, breezy, and best of all, no mosquitos so far.  Of …

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News from the farm – July 5th

It was a pretty exciting day for at least 2 of my (Jake’s) children as they came worked with me and did a tremendous job helping to wash and pack a LOT of green onions (about 1000) and plenty of beets. The job took about 3 hours and they trooped through in the heat, and …

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My favorite Time of Year: Cut Flowers

By far, my favorite time of year is when the flowers start blooming.  These are from our cut flower garden. And these are from the edge of the pond.  

This is our first blog entry.

And behold, it was good.