News from the farm – July 5th

It was a pretty exciting day for at least 2 of my (Jake’s) children as they came worked with me and did a tremendous job helping to wash and pack a LOT of green onions (about 1000) and plenty of beets. The job took about 3 hours and they trooped through in the heat, and were rewarded with an ice cream cone.
All season long I transplant 100 lettuces into the field. Also each week I start a new tray of lettuces in the greenhouse. I do this to keep a constant supply of lettuce throughout the growing season. Most years there may be a week or two where the weather is just too hot and the lettuce bolts in the field before it can mature and be picked, but often we have something for salads available. Below is a picture of what the lettuces look like when they are ready to be transplanted and also the mature heads.
This week, we have for sale:
Head Lettuce $1.50/each
Beets with greens $1.50/#
Green onions $1.50/bunch
Zucchini $1.75/# (smaller – 6-8″)
Radishes (washed and trimmed) $2.00/bunch
Garlic scapes $4.00/#
Cilantro $2.00/bunch
Produce forecast for next week:
Head Lettuce