Dynamite Harvest is not your ordinary produce farm.  The name of the game is:  “food security.”  Food security for the owners of “TnT” Harvest, food security for the employees of the farm, and food security for those who grasp just how tenuous such a proposition is in our day and age.

To that end, Dynamite Harvest does not only grow the common staples seen at farmers markets like tomatoes, cucumbers, and the like, but also more specialized crops such as wheat, and even barley and hops!  (Surely some of you can see why those items would be especially valued…)

Dynamite Harvest seeks to attain something like ‘self-sufficiency’ right alongside sustainability and hopes to bring into its orbit others who are seeking the same objectives.  While Dynamite Harvest will be happily making its produce available at farmers markets and the like, it is reckoned that a time will come where the grocery shelves are empty, and what is needful is not a nice, seasonal snack from local farmers, but a more substantive harvest which can feed the whole family throughout the winter.

So, if you want good, fresh tomatoes and potatoes (and fiery hot peppers of all sorts), by all means, Dynamite Harvest is your ‘go-to’ source.  But if you want something more… all the diverse foodstuff needed to make it through to the next planting season without getting scurvy… you’ll want to get acquainted with the folks at Dynamite Harvest!

Dynamite Harvest is located in Greenwood, Wisconsin.  This is almost smack dab in the middle of Wisconsin, about an hour west of Wausau and an hour east of Eau Claire; a little over two hours from the Twin Cities and a shade over three hours from the Milwaukee area.   This central location is accessible to more than a million people.   Millions more, if we’ve still got reliable shipping.

We look forward to meeting a bunch of ya!

Note:  Dynamite Harvest is not ‘certified organic’ but endeavors to rarely, if ever, use anything resembling a harsh chemical on its crops, whether for disease control or for fertilizer.  In the off chance that we are forced to use something a little stronger than chicken poop and baking soda, we’ll be sure to be transparent about it.

Here is a picture of the folks at Dynamite Harvest.  To the left is the family of Tony Horvath, the founder of Dynamite Harvest.  To the right is the manager of Dynamite Harvest, Jake, and his family.  Reach us at tntharvest@gmail.com.