News From the Farm – August 15

What is new on the farm? The most exciting news is that Tony caught two birds in his rat traps. Don’t worry, he let them go peacefully. (I never knew eagles could fit in those tiny cages though!)
On another note, a few weeks ago my son found a swallowtail butterfly caterpillar on some carrot tops. He saved it, put it in a jar and fed it. It went into its chrysalis and this morning it hatched and spread it’s wings! What a beautiful sight it was.
The peppers, even in the greenhouse seem to be poking along rather slowly. There are may blossoms and small fruits, but it looks like several more weeks before we see a big harvest.
Our first planting of sweet corn is in. It is a yellow variety called Early Sunglow. It is a very short season cold tolerant strain I planted in early May. It is an old fashioned hybrid that has a very strong corn flavor but it not as sweet as the varieties sold today. However, my family found it fine for fresh eating. It also would be very good for freezing or adding to your cooking.
This week we have:
Beets! (tons of them – red, gold, or a striped heirloom variety called Chioggia)
Beans (Yellow wax, purple, or Dragon Tongue)
Sweet Onions
Pattypan summer squash
Yellow Crookneck summer squash (plenty!)
Cauliflower (5 heads)
Tomatoes (cherry, red slicers, heirlooms)
Pickling cukes (5 lbs – ish)
Herbs (sage, parsley, basil, dill)
Sweet corn
That’s all for now!
Let us know if you would be interested in produce!