Dynamite Harvest Gift Card


Know someone who enjoys fresh produce? Whether for Christmas, a birthday, or just ‘because,’ send them a Dynamite Harvest gift card!

Know more than one person? Put their emails in the box, too!

Don’t know their email or want to make it a surprise? Then put in your own email address and then print off the digital ‘card’ you receive and gift it in the way you think best.

Want to give away multiple cards? Put your own email address in multiple times. You will get separate emails for each entry.

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How it works:

Choose a gift card amount. Enter the email addresses of as many recipients as you want to purchase gift cards for in that amount. “Add to cart.” Complete the transaction.

If you don’t know their email address or you want to make it a surprise, you can put in your own email address as often as necessary to purchase the number of gift cards you want.

If you put in your own email multiple times, you will receive separate emails with distinct digital gift card numbers in them. You can then print them off to give out or forward the emails to the recipients at a later time.

To redeem the gift cards, they can be presented to Dynamite Harvest at the time of sale and we will debit the gift card amount manually. Alternatively, a payment can be made on the Dynamite Harvest website, using the Pay option and entering in their gift card number. This will automatically debit the gift card amount.

If you desire to purchase cards with different amounts, after you “add to cart” choose a new amount and enter additional emails. Then add these to the cart. The cart should reflect the varying amounts and recipients. Complete the transaction.

Sorry, due to the nature of gift cards, there can be no refunds! But credits do not expire!

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