News from the Farm – August 11

Good morning everyone! Where has the summer gone? We are already in the middle of August. In Greenwood, as far as my research suggests, the first fall frost date is around September 15th (Maybe those of you who have lived here longer can verify that). That is exactly 5 weeks away. I am not sure if that is supposed to be a happy or sad thing for you, but it amazes me how quickly the days have flown by.
The tomatoes are FINALLY starting to ripen. The greenhouse tomatoes which I had painstakingly trellised this spring are so overloaded with heavy fruit, that the twine is snapping and I am finding the plants on the ground. Note to self: Use stronger twine/string next year. One tomato (pictured below) weighed in at a hefty 2.5 lbs! It may not be the prettiest, but certainly is very productive, kinda like me.
We also have some very beautiful beets as you can see. From left to right they are Albino, Golden, Chioggia, Ruby Queen.
Right now we have available:
Beets (Golden, Chioggia, Ruby Queen)
Beans (purple, yellow, dragon tongue)
Sweet Onions
Herbs (sage, parsley, dill,
Summer Squash (yellow crookneck, white pattypan)
Kale (lacinato)
Flowers (too many to list)