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Winter Comfort

Hello everyone, It is common in the middle of what seems to be long cold February days to look forward to spring and the growing season ahead. Warmer days, seed catalogs, and greenhouse advertising all remind me that it’s time to prepare for spring. However, I also hang onto the previous growing season. Every time …

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News From the Farm – Nov 5

No. We are not done yet! We still have food to offer you. Consider buying some produce for Thanksgiving. We have: Winter Squash (delicata, butternut, spaghetti, acorn) Beets (golden, red, striped heirloom) Carrots Peppers (green and red bell, hot) Cabbage (for sauerkraut) Kohlrabi And of course, plenty of fall decorations. Holler if you are interested

News From the Farm – October 25

Good morning once again. Ah yes, back to the weather we have come to expect for late October, but the weekend was brilliant, and it took the edge off of the pathetic Green Bay loss on Sunday. You might be wondering what we still have available for sale. If you are not, too bad, because …

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News From the Farm – October 18

It’s snowing…again! It seemed quite surreal to be planting garlic while it was snowing. What an odd mixture of feelings to view a beautiful  autumn red and yellow woods through the swirling flakes. Christmas songs were popping into my head as I crawled along in the dirt planting cloves. It seemed so wrong to be …

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News From the Farm – October 12

Good morning again from Dynamite Harvest! As I write we are experiencing a light cool rain. The forecast looks like it will drop into the low 20s by the weekend. This means the end for all the but the most cold hardened crops in the fields. Plants that can survive freezing temps do so by …

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News From the Farm – October 4

I am always amused when after a hard freeze or frost people come up to me and say “Well, you must be just about done in the fields.” While it is true that works pace slows and harvesting urgency lessens, it is hardly a time of less work. Truth be told I enjoy that first …

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New From the Farm – September 28

Good morning everyone. I don’t know about you, but for me as a farmer, my first thought this morning was how hard of a frost we had. Although I have not checked the fields over, I looked into a bucket of basil I accidentally left out on our porch and noticed cold damage. Teachable moment. …

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Wedges Creek Hot Pizza Night

Good chilly morning everyone. If you are not a cool weather fan, I have a way for you to warm up! This Friday and Saturday evening (September 23+24) Wedges Creek will be featuring some hot pizzas straight from their wood-fired ovens. They will be hot out of the oven, but also hot because they will …

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New From the Farm – September 20

This time of year, so much happens in the field every day that it is hard to know what to tell you about. For today I will focus on two highlights in particular. First, we now finally have a few ripe watermelons. I had mentioned a while back that I would discuss how to tell …

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News From the Farm – September 14th

Good morning again. According to maps of our area, September 15th is the first fall frost date. Sources vary on what exactly this means, but practically speaking it means that around that date you should keep an eye out for frost. Frost can occur in temperatures a few degrees above freezing, not just at 32! …

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