The Stinking Rose

Did you hear about the garlic diet?

You don’t lose any weight, but from a distance your friends say you look thinner.

The lovely little plant you see sprouting here is garlic.  Garlic is a wonderful crop to grow and one of our personal favorites at Dynamite Harvest. It emerges from the ground early in spring and gets a jump on most weeds, is very unattractive tasting to pests, usually suffers very little from disease, is considered a super health food, stores a very long time, and is indispensable in the kitchen. Need I say more?

As a side note, garlic is called “the stinking rose” which is a very rough translation of its Greek name “scorodon” because it emits a strong “stinking” odor when crushed or cut up, but at the same time is loved and appreciated around the world.