Winter Comfort

Hello everyone,

It is common in the middle of what seems to be long cold February days to look forward to spring and the growing season ahead. Warmer days, seed catalogs, and greenhouse advertising all remind me that it’s time to prepare for spring. However, I also hang onto the previous growing season. Every time I am in my kitchen I think about the bounty we received from last year. Anyone who preserves and “puts up” food understands this joy.  The shelves are full of salsa, tomatoes, pickles, beans, and sauce.  We are still working our way through winter squash, beets and carrots. We have cupboards with dried herbs, tomatoes, fruit, popcorn and beans. Shockingly I also have two potted rosemary plants that have survived the winter so far! As much as I receive joy from the little food highlights, it always saddens me a bit when we use the last jar or bag of something we preserved.

But, that is part of the reason we keep growing! We want to experience that joy…again. And we want to share it with others.