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Culinary herbs for seasoning and teas in Central Wisconsin

Besides the typical produce farm fare, we also have available various herbs and spices.   We will pick it for you on the spot, which means you’ll be getting the absolutely freshest possible ingredients for your salsa or tea. So, ready to go right now (7/22/2022) would be oregano, sage, cilantro, dill, and basil. If you …

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My favorite Time of Year: Cut Flowers

By far, my favorite time of year is when the flowers start blooming.  These are from our cut flower garden. And these are from the edge of the pond.  

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This is our first blog entry.

And behold, it was good.

What we are growing Summer 2022

Please note, these are subject to change.  The weather, market demand, and other factors will all impact availability and the prices.  If the item is in our shop, however, that price and quantity is firm. All produce is grown with out chemical inputs. Head lettuce (oak, bibb, butterhead, romaine, etc) – $1.50 – $2.00/each Scallions …

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