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Thank you HSU Growing Supply!

Pictured here are two flats of peppers. The weaker looking peppers on the left were seeded first with an organic potting mix (name withheld) purchased from store (name withheld). The other flat was sown a full two and half weeks later using a germination mix from HSU Growing Supply out of Wausau. The results speak …

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News From the Farm – Nov 5

No. We are not done yet! We still have food to offer you. Consider buying some produce for Thanksgiving. We have: Winter Squash (delicata, butternut, spaghetti, acorn) Beets (golden, red, striped heirloom) Carrots Peppers (green and red bell, hot) Cabbage (for sauerkraut) Kohlrabi And of course, plenty of fall decorations. Holler if you are interested

News From the Farm – October 25

Good morning once again. Ah yes, back to the weather we have come to expect for late October, but the weekend was brilliant, and it took the edge off of the pathetic Green Bay loss on Sunday. You might be wondering what we still have available for sale. If you are not, too bad, because …

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News From the Farm – October 12

Good morning again from Dynamite Harvest! As I write we are experiencing a light cool rain. The forecast looks like it will drop into the low 20s by the weekend. This means the end for all the but the most cold hardened crops in the fields. Plants that can survive freezing temps do so by …

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News From the Farm – October 4

I am always amused when after a hard freeze or frost people come up to me and say “Well, you must be just about done in the fields.” While it is true that works pace slows and harvesting urgency lessens, it is hardly a time of less work. Truth be told I enjoy that first …

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