News From the Farm – October 25

Good morning once again. Ah yes, back to the weather we have come to expect for late October, but the weekend was brilliant, and it took the edge off of the pathetic Green Bay loss on Sunday.
You might be wondering what we still have available for sale. If you are not, too bad, because I am going to tell you anyway. No doubt the fields are looking barren. There are a few crops I am leaving in the fields as long as possible. But most things are out. While the fields may be pretty empty, the greenhouse is NOT. We have plenty of peppers. The varieties we are harvesting right now are jalapeno, cayenne, royal torpedoes, tabasco, poblano, serrano, sriracha, sweet bells, jigsaw, and for those of you who enjoy MAJOR heat, we also have ghost peppers, carolina reapers, and apocalypse scorpions. If you are wondering WHY we have so many hot peppers, I will direct you to Tony. However, since we have so many we are in the process of dehydrating them and making our own chili powders. If they work we will make them available to you.
Besides all this greenhouse fun we still have plenty of:
Beets (golden, red, striped heirloom)
Carrots (incredibly sweet!)
Winter Squash (delicata, butternut, acorn)
Decorative Gourds and Pumpkins (get some soon, they are destined for the compost pile!)
Broccoli Florets (limited)
Cabbage (great for sauerkraut)
Let me know what you would like.