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Are you worried about the supply chain and being able to feed your family? Wish you had the ability to grow your own food but for whatever reason, can’t? Our ‘Food Security Plan’ acts like an insurance policy–if the S hits the Fan, you will be first in line to purchase our produce. Even before any of our other members!

Along with this priority access you will receive a 20% discount on the 2024 season.  More details, below.

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Your membership will secure you priority access to our produce.  You will receive advance updates on what we expect to harvest.  Depending on the item, you should have 3-5 days notice, giving you time to make arrangements to either come and purchase the produce or have it shipped or delivered to you.

Having our Food Security plan does not also serve as a credit against the purchases of our produce.  You would have to buy the produce separately, but you will receive a 20% discount.

A 3.5% charge for credit card payments will be applied.  No additional fee for sending a check.

Our staff will follow up shortly after your purchase to set up a channel of communication with you at the email address you use to register an account on the site.

Food Security Plan members get access in order of their purchase of the plan–first come, first serve. Note: in all cases, all plan members will get advance notice or priority access to our produce.

You might not need our plan… just like you might not need insurance. But if things go south, you’ll be glad you have it!


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