Banquets for Businesses


Dynamite Harvest is ready to deliver to produce to your company!  Adjust the ‘quantity’ according to how many employees you wish to provide for.  Your purchase is a credit applied to the purchase of our produce at wholesale prices, and if you are close enough, delivery is included! Get fresh produce delivered to your business all summer long! For more customized price options, please use the contact form below to get in touch with us.


Businesses have tried (almost) everything: offering health insurance, paid time off, big bonuses, you name it. Here is one that you probably haven’t thought of: regular deliveries of big piles of produce to generously hand out to your employees! Dynamite Harvest is ready to deliver to your company that produce!

Learn more, here.  Essentially, you are purchasing our produce at wholesale prices to distribute to your employees.  It is up to your business to decide if employees will pay for all or a portion of the produce.

Please note that supplies are limited and produce is available on a ‘first come/first serve’ basis.  We strongly recommend signing up for this service, ASAP.

If you are interested in this service but the options listed aren’t quite what you are looking for, please contact us at to create a custom arrangement.

Wisconsin-based Dynamite Harvest, LLC is located just south of 29 smack-dab between Eau Claire and Wausau, it is well-placed to serve those cities as well as Greenwood, Loyal, Stanley, Thorp, Spencer, Marshfield, Neilsville, Black River Falls, Steven’s Point, Medford, and places in between.  Are you outside this range but are still want our produce?  Email us to talk about it.

* Please note: if you choose the $500 option, it will be treated as if it was a CSA.  $50 will be reserved for administrative purposes and $450 will be a credit toward purchase of the produce at retail rates.
We recommend $1,000 of produce for every 3 employees.*  Thus, if you have 9 employees, that would be $3,000.  Set your quantity to 6;  6 * $500 = $3,000.  Since these will be purchases at wholesale, the amount of produce you are getting is much more than if you had spent the same amount in a grocery store or even at a farmer’s market.