Banquets For Businesses (and Organizations)

“It’s so hard to find good help these days!”

How many times have you heard this said?  How many times have you said it yourself?

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The competition for employees is intense right now, and holding on to the ones you have isn’t easy, either.   It is expensive to train new workers and when you have to do it over and over again… well… you know as well as we do that its far better just to keep the ones you have.

Businesses have tried (almost) everything:  offering health insurance, paid time off, big bonuses, you name it.  Here is one that you probably haven’t thought of:  regular deliveries of big piles of produce to generously hand out to your employees!  Dynamite Harvest is ready to deliver to your company that produce!

Dynamite Harvest will be heading into its third season in 2023 and is expanding its offerings.  Located just south of 29 smack-dab between Eau Claire and Wausau, it is well-placed to serve those cities as well as Greenwood, Loyal, Stanley, Thorp, Spencer, Marshfield, Neilsville, Black River Falls, Steven’s Point, Medford, and places in between.  You’ve heard “from farm to table”?  We’ll bring our farm specifically to your table.

How does it work?

We aim to be flexible, so we are prepared to work with businesses and organizations to meet their needs, but allow us to describe one way it might work.

Possible scenario: You contract with Dynamite Harvest to come out to your location every other Thursday with enough produce for your workers to keep them happy and healthy.  Piles of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, strawberries, garlic… whatever is in season.  You set up a system on your end for distributing it to your employees at either no cost to them (our recommendation), or heavily subsidized by your company.  You get the business deduction, and your employees get more than a few days worth of healthy food, just by virtue of working for your company or organization.  This improves company morale, aids in employee retention, gets you a fat deduction, encourages them to eat healthy food (possibly lowering health insurance premiums in the long run?), and makes sure none of them have to choose between paying for high gasoline or feeding their families that week… or… finding a new place to work.

With so many different kinds of operations out there, we at Dynamite Harvest know that each business and organization might want to handle things differently.  From our point of view, our job is simple:  grow the food with as little chemicals as possible, keep it fresh, and get it to you.  So, you tell us how you’d like to do it, and we’ll figure out what it will take to do it!

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Do you have a flyer we can give to our employer?

Yep. Right click on this: Produce Banquet for Businesses and ‘save’ to your computer.

How much does the produce cost?

This will ultimately depend on what is finally agreed upon, but as you might suspect, the amount of produce we are supplying will impact the cost.  The more produce we bring to you, the closer we get to charging ‘wholesale’ rates for the produce.

How many employees can you serve?

This is a new offering by Dynamite Harvest, so we don’t have a baseline. However, we know that we can grow a lot of food.   If you have a large company, say, with 50 or more employees, and you want us to come every other week with 10 pounds of food for each of them (so, 500 pounds of food!) you might want to set up something with us ASAP (even in the fall of 2022) to make sure that we prioritize your company.  It is first come first serve!

You’ll deliver?  What if I want to pick it up, instead?

We can absolutely deliver.  It would get bundled into the overall agreement.  Obviously, it makes a difference if we are delivering 50 pounds of food versus 500 pounds of food.  But if you wanted to pick it up instead, that’s fine, too.  We’d have it all ready for you and will even help you load it.

Are you ‘organic’?

No, not strictly.  We are ‘natural.’  We avoid whenever possible any chemical treatments that would not be welcome on an ‘organic’ farm.  Hell will freeze over before we use Roundup.  We feed our families with this produce, too!

Can we purchase it by the pound?

When we say we’ll work with you to come up with a solution, we mean it.  If you were planning on buying a lot of produce, ‘by the pound’ certainly could be a good way to measure it out.

The bottom line is that if you are interested in this offering but not quite sure how to pull it off, talk to us.  We’ll make it work!  Contact us by email at

Couldn’t employees, or anyone else, go ‘in’ on a plan without their employer?

Absolutely.  Just order up a plan as it suits you and we will treat your ‘co-op’ as its own thing. Purchase a Produce Banquet Plan, Here.