Bulk Potatoes: Naturally Grown, Freshly Dug, 50 POUNDS



50 pounds of naturally grown, freshly dug potatoes!

Austrian Crescent Fingerlings, German Butterballs, Dark Red Norlands, Superiors, Kennebecs, and Adirondack Reds or Blues.

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Dynamite Harvest has lots and lots of potatoes to sell!

Austrian Crescent Fingerlings, German Butterballs, Dark Red Norlands, Superiors, Kennebecs, and Adirondack Reds or Blues.

The blue ones stay blue, even for mashed potatoes!

a very small sample of our latest harvest

Naturally grown! We only use organically-approved pest control methods.

We have literally thousands of pounds of potatoes!

Delivery FREE for 10 miles in any direction from Greenwood. Feel free to tip the driver.


Yes, we have lots of potatoes, but what are the uses and characteristics of the types we offer? Here is a quick rundown. Potatoes fall into 3 basic categories: starchy, waxy, and all-purpose.

Starchy: High starch content, low moisture. Ideal for mashed potatoes or any sort of fried potato where you want a crisp exterior, like fries. Because of their low moisture content, they also store very well.

Waxy: High moisture content and low starch. These retain their shape when cooked, like in potato salad. Because of their thin skin they also do not store as long as starchy or all-purpose potatoes.

Allpurpose: Just as the name suggests, they fall right in the middle of waxy and starchy for moisture and starch content. They are used for any recipe and storage is better than waxy, slightly shorter than starchy.

Note #1: For longest cold storage of potatoes, they should be unwashed and left to dry for several days before keeping them in a dark cool and dry environment. We have consistently been able to store most potatoes for 6 months this way.

Note #2: Although certain types of potatoes are recommended for kitchen uses, I can attest that you CAN use any potato for any use in the kitchen. Just recognize the strengths of each if you care about the end result.

Adirondack Red: All-purpose. High in antioxidants. Beautiful pink flesh retains color when cooked. Good storage. Whip up a mound of pink mashed potatoes.

Adirondack Blue: All purpose and high in antioxidants. Stunning deep purple flesh makes baked potatoes fun. Fair storage. One of our favorites.

German Butterball: All-purpose. These medium-sized tubers are highly prized for their buttery taste and brilliant yellow flesh. Excellent storage.

Kennebec: Starchy. Excellent storage for this baking, mashing, and frying potato. Tubers can be HUGE. Tan skin and white flesh.

Austrian Crescent Fingerling: Waxy. Long skinny “finger-like” potatoes with tan skin and yellow flesh are prized by flesh for superior flavor. Excellent roasted. Fair storage.

Dark Red Norland: Waxy. Red skin and white flesh on these medium-sized tubers. Preferred for potato salads and roasting. Fair storage.

Superior: Starchy. Large tan skinned white potatoes store excellent and make great mashed and baked potatoes.

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Dark Red Norland, Superior, Kennebec, German Butterballs, Adirondack Reds, Adirondack Blues, Austrian Crescent Fingerlings, A Mix of All