News From the Farm – October 18

It’s snowing…again! It seemed quite surreal to be planting garlic while it was snowing. What an odd mixture of feelings to view a beautiful¬† autumn red and yellow woods through the swirling flakes. Christmas songs were popping into my head as I crawled along in the dirt planting cloves. It seemed so wrong to be humming Christmas tunes in October. But I don’t know any good autumnal equinox carols.

One day this past week I took two of my kids out to the field to dig up some carrots. It was cold and windy. We harvested and washed about 30 pounds of very sweet carrots. After that, we took some time to cover some other plantings of carrots with cloth. We fought the wind and finally got the job done. The kids were not the least bit desiring to go inside so we ended our day by hiking through the shockingly yellow woods while snacking on carrots. We swung sticks, skipped down paths, kicked up leaves, watched deer, and talked. I don’t know who will remember the time better, the kids or myself.

We have available still:

Winter Squash




Peppers (bell and hot)


Pie Pumpkins

Gourds (tons of them)