Food Security Program

If you are reading this, you already know how tenuous our food supply really is, and I don’t have to tell you.  The foolishness of relying on ‘just in time’ shipping has been laid bare.  Add to that the gross mal-management by the ‘powers that be’ of the supply chain, we need to seriously consider the possibility that we may not have food for our families in the near future.  This is all besides the many reasons that wise people have sought to source their food locally, preferably without all the chemicals.  But I am preaching to the choir.

In 2022, we had a ‘pilot’ program, offered to only 10 families.  For 2023, we will allow many more to participate.  There are a few differences.  The main one is that for 2023, we will be launching a CSA (learn more) and allowing people to purchase the CSA plus the Food Security Program, or allow people to buy just one or both.  To put it bluntly, the chief and primary advantage of membership in the Food Security Program is that we will offer our produce to members first.  (See notes below for a second advantage.)

Members of the Food Security Program are at the front of the line.  They receive notifications about available produce before anyone else, including members of the CSA.

However, FSP members still need to pay for the produce.  They can either do so by purchasing our CSA and deducting their purchases from their credit, or paying cash at time of sale.

People who buy both the Food Security membership and the CSA receive $100 off their purchase.

Click here to make your purchase from our available options in 2023.


There is a limit to the number of CSA and FSP members that Dynamite Harvest will allow.  We will be able to feed a lot of families–but not an unlimited amount.  Thus, if you want to ensure that you have a spot on our list, don’t dawdle.  Purchase ASAP.  If you cannot do so, at least RSVP.  You can use the RSVP form to also set up a payment plan.  The RSVP form is at the bottom of our 2023 CSA/FSP page, HERE.

We will inform you 4-7 days before we expect items to be ready for harvest/pick-up.  You will be responsible for letting us know if you will be coming to purchase those items.  If you don’t communicate your intent to acquire the products, then we reserve the right to sell the items to CSA members, and after that, on the open market.

A second advantage to Food Security Members is that they can request that we grow specific items.

Delivery will be available for a fee.  When possible, we will group deliveries so that we can reduce those fees.  Meeting us ‘half way’ might also assist in reducing those fees.  Shipping is also available.  Naturally, you can come and pick up the produce yourselves, too.

Provided that you pay for the items, we will make arrangements to store them until such time you can come get them.  In some cases, it may be necessary to pass along the costs related to this storage.

The Food Security Membership must be renewed each year.

To give you an idea of what we have:

Things that store really well:  potatoes, onions, beets, garlic, beans, squash, wheat, buckwheat

Things that store decently:  corn, cucumbers, melons, cabbage

Standard fare for a produce farm: tomatoes, green peppers, green beans, lettuce, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

Things I grow because I like them:  grapes, hops, tobacco, asparagus, barley, lots of varieties of hot peppers, sunflowers

Of the protein variety: chickens (and eggs), ducks

It should be noted that we do not have massive quantities of all of the items above.  However, your continuing membership will entitle you to submit requests for next year, so that if there is something you especially desire, we can expand to meet demand.

Here are some pictures of all that we have going… (these are spring 2022 images)


established apple tree

Armenian garlic

baby raspberries

black walnut tree


cascade hops

cut flowers herbs and salad

green beans peas and more

tomatoes in the greenhouse

head lettuce

more hops varieties

newly established orchard



raspberry patch

a strawberry that met its demise shortly after having its picture taken