Pro-life Produce Update, July 2023

We had hoped to have a lot more produce earlier in the season, and our initiative to provide fresh produce to crisis pregnancy centers was one of the reasons why.  What happened? Too much rain in May… could not get into the fields. Big long dry spell in June… the baby plants struggled to get their footing. BUT, things have evened out now, and the glory of God’s abundance is beginning to come forth. From one seed comes a ton of food! Miraculous, if you ask me.

Thus, over the last two weeks we’ve been able to send off produce to two crisis pregnancy centers, with a third slated to get a delivery in the last week of July. God willing, as the produce comes flying in, we’ll be able to increase the frequency of our deliveries, as well. See below for pics of what we’ve donated thus far.

About 20 vulnerable women have received our produce so far, with another half dozen coming soon.

A great deal of this was made possible by generous donors. Your donation is still welcome, as due to circumstances (described above) being what they are, it turns out its sorta early in the season. If you would like to learn more and/or make a donation, you can check out this link here: