Pro-life Produce Update – August 2023

Donated to date: 57 bags of produce, averaging a value of $25, to 26 women (multiple times).

Dynamite Harvest made a commitment to donate produce to one crisis pregnancy center in 2022 and, thanks to generous donors, was able to expand that commitment to two additional ones in 2023. The growing season is very much in stride now, making it that much easier to fill up grocery bags to give away. See the pictures below.

It is fun to show these pictures, but I’m starting to feel like there are only so many pictures of grocery bags that one can show people before they get bored. Basically, each month, the pictures are more or less the same. 🙂

Here is a picture showing what went into each bag on one of our deliveries:

All in all, we’re pretty pleased to be able to get this food out to the ladies. The feedback we are getting from the centers is positive, too. The families apparently really appreciate this produce.

The one thing we’re not doing this year that we had hoped to do was the educational component. We are aware that a lot of people don’t know how to prepare and eat some of this produce (or, how to eat healthy in general), so the idea had been to do some cooking classes at each of the centers, too. And throw in recipes, as well.

These other things take time to do, and, as they say, time is money. We raised enough to subsidize donating the produce, but to take the time to do a bunch of classes (or make videos) would necessarily mean taking time away from growing and harvesting the produce. Without the means to make up that difference, we are sticking with the produce side for this year.

We still hope that next year we can do the educational component, but we will definitely need to hit our fundraising goal. Please be thinking about next year and identifying in your mind some other people who might be willing to contribute to this cause.

As I’ve said to folks, the reversal of Roe was a huge victory for life, but it means that we have a heightened responsibility (and opportunity) to step up our efforts to help vulnerable people in our state and local communities. Before the reversal of Roe, these families could go the ‘easy’ route and just get rid of their unborn child. Now, the ‘hard’ route of seeing the process through is something they are more likely to consider, and they will need all the help we can give them.

It would still be meaningful to donate to this year’s campaign:

(You can also use our Dynamite Harvest page)

However, I do hope that you will starting thinking about next year, too.  Even if you reached out to us with a pledge, letting us know that you intend to donate and the amount, that would be helpful. It seems silly to be thinking about the 2024 season already, but a lot of farming decisions are made long before the snow hits the ground. Email Tony at

(We can also take donations via other means, and remember, a tax deduction is possible, if you desire it.)

Thanks for reading!