Meat Birds in 2024?

We have toyed around with growing chickens and ducks for meat and I think 2024 is going to be the year to do it.

Chickens: The breed we will attempt to secure for the chickens will be ‘Freedom Rangers’ which are a larger, dual use bird. They won’t get as big as the ones you get in the store, but then, our chickens will have lots of time in the pasture having a happy chicken life, which can’t be said about the ones from the store.

One of our ducks. (Before being professionally processed)

Ducks: if there is interest, we’ll find a suitable breed.

Turkeys? Do you want your own farm-raised turkey to serve at Thanksgiving? We’d like to try it, too!

All birds will be processed professionally by a local, state-inspected, custom processing business. I have posted all their rates to our website here:

Deadline for ordering: Feb 1st, 2024. Pay half now, the balance upon delivery. (Chickens around August of 2024, ducks and turkeys may be later)

You will be able to choose how your bird(s) are processed. But, on average, it looks like it will cost about $5 to process each bird. (If we get enough orders, we can get a bulk rate)

We are tentatively charging:

  • $5/lb for chickens (expect 4-6 pounds)
  • $10/lb for ducks (expect 3-5 pounds)
  • $6.00/lb for turkeys (expect 10-20 pounds… but we’ve never raised turkeys before…)

What I would need to know from you: How many of each bird you will want.

Just send your answer by email to

(Note: these are not going to be raised ‘organically’ but we are going to raise them in the pasture as much as possible. Whatever feed we give them will primarily be non-soy.)

Thanks for your interest!